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Golden Visa Benefits

johanna   Apr 1, 2020

The benefits associated to a Golden Visa are as follows: 1. Permission to live and work anywhere in Spain. 2. This also applies to family members who are able to work within the work guidelines in Spain. Your...

Golden Visa How can I get one?

johanna   Apr 1, 2020

The easiet way to obtain a Golden Villa is to purchase a property for a minimum value of 500.000 Euros. However you can also obtain a Golden visa by one of the following routes By investing in public debt, an...

What paperwork do I need to provide for a Golden Visa?

johanna   Apr 1, 2020

We can obtain the needed Golden Visa for you. We require the following paperwork: Public or private health insurance from a provider that operates in Spain. Criminal record certificate. Proof of financial means....

Together we can Beat This

johanna   Mar 31, 2020

Given the extraordinary situation in which we find ourselves in Spain, it is imperative that everyone come together and cooperate during this time, which means that social responsibility and commitment are of vital...


johanna   Mar 26, 2020

Dear Clients and Former clients, First of all we hope you are safe and well. We are working in uncertain times at the moment, but please be reassured we are continuing to work for your benefit (behind closed...

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